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Marketing valuations

At Lawrence & Co we pride ourselves on providing accurate valuations of property based on years of experience and comparable evidence. So whether you are selling a manor house, a converted flat or anything in between, we would welcome the opportunity of visiting you at home to discuss your various options and an appropriate valuation of your home.

Advice on proposed works

Deciding whether or not to make improvements before marketing the property can be a confusing time, so before making a decision on what works to carry out Lawrence & Co will be pleased to meet with you at your home, discuss proposals and provide you with relevant advice and the benefit of our professional view.

Probate valuations

Lawrence & Co understand that the passing of a loved one is a painful time. Unfortunately to obtain the required grant of probate at this difficult time it is normally necessary to obtain a valuation of the property which Lawrence & Co will be pleased to provide.

We can also offer advice on obtaining valuations and the sale of chattels. Lawrence & Co have strong connections with auction rooms both locally and in London. When it comes to disposing of items of a lesser value or of a non saleable nature we can arrange for the services of a local house clearer to be put in place.